• Windows 2016 Datacenter is out now!

    Order a new SSD VPS with Windows 2016 Datacenter Server for only € 9.99 and discover all the new features of Microsoft's newest operating system!
  • VPS Servers starting € 3,99

    Order a very fast VPS server. We supply all VPS servers with SSD disks, unlimited data and free daily backup.
  • We use very fast SSD drives!

    For almost all our services we use very fast SSD drives. With the exception of database hosting (15k rpm SAS disks) and cheap big-data disks.So check out our services.
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VPS Server
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€ 3,99 !

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€ 6,66


Buy your domain for
€ 4,99

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MySQL hosting
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€ 1,20

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MS SQL Hosting
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€ 1,99

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Hosted Exchange
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€ 6,65

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15-04-2017 We accept new payment methods

To facilitate our customers living outside the Netherlands, we offer new payment methods.
For example, you could pay us already via PayPal, iDeal and by bank transfer. Starting from today, this can also be done with:
Bancontact, SOFORT banking and GIROPAY!


15-04-2017 Our website gets an update & the best VPS prices

Our website will get some graphical updates, between today and the coming week, it may happen that some graphics are suddenly changed while browsing.
The content will remain the same.

Other good news! Our VPS prices are so good that we are now in the top 3 of ISPgids.com!

04-04-2017 Windows OS temporarily only € 1.51 for new VPS servers

Our SSD Windows VPS servers are temporarily super-priced!
In addition, this month we have the action to pay only € 1, - for the 1st month you purchase a new VPS.
As a result, you now have a super fast Windows VPS with SSD disk the first month for only € 1, - and the following month from € 10, - per month.

We can not imagine, but if you do not like the VPS server, you can also cancel it monthly.

12-11-2016 Windows 2016 Datacenter Server for your new SSD VPS!

YES it happened, starting today Windows 2016 Server is available on all new VPS orders!
Microsoft's newest operating system Windows 2016 Datacenter Server is out!
Better, faster and even more features than Windows 2012 Server.

Order today your new SSD VPS with the new operating system Windows 2016 Datacenter Server, 64 bit, and experience all the new possibilities.

26-06-2016 Starting today you can order Managed VPS Servers

Do you have not enough time, meaning or sufficient knowledge to maintain your own VPS server?
But you want to benefit from the competitive rates and the advantage of owning a VPS server?

Order a Managed VPS Server at our competitive rates, and let us do all the managing!

20-05-2016 Smashing VPS offer only € 1.00!

Starting today you can order our most popular VPS servers for only € 1.00!
Even our fast VPS with 150 GB SSD hard drive, 4 GB of memory and two Xeon CPUs only costs € 1.00.
This promotion is valid till 20-06-2016 so make sure you are there on time.

Use our promotional code vps2016 during checkout in order to receive the discount.

19-03-2016 YES, our new website is online!

Our website needed a major update. From today we launch our new website.
In addition, all our servers have already been migrated to the latest releases.
So we are ready for a few additional new years to deliver very fast and stable services to you.

To celebrate this, we have implemented a number of innovations:

- All VPS servers are hosted on super-fast SSD drives.
- All existing customers where already migrated in silent last year to fast SSD disks.
- We make a free automatic backup every day.
- All prices include VAT.
- We regularly give you new offers.

Server Status

11/09/2017 NETWORK MAINTENANCE: On 11/09/2017 and 11/16/2017, there may be downtime.
One of our ISP's has announced network maintenance on 11/09/2017 and 11/16/2017 from 23:00 to 06:00 the next day, European time (Amsterdam).
The core infrastructure is being upgraded. During maintenance, network interruptions may occur. These are automatically restored.

08/09/2017 Restored: Network problem on some subnets
The reason was the routing with one of our ISPs.
The subnets in question have got a different route. The problem is solved.

08/09/2017 Network problem on some subnets
On some subnets there is currently a network problem.
This can affect various systems. The data center is busy solving this issue..

03/17/2016 Restored email 00:14
The problem is solved, the spam attack is now correctly fended. Systems are back online.

03/17/2016 Failure email 10:30
There is an email outage, caused by a spam attack. Outgoing email is not working (properly).

07/30/2015 recovered storage 21:00
All systems are back online and the storage failure is resolved.